We’re delighted to announce that we’re ‘Exceeding’ the revised National Quality Standards

 “Since 2012, the National Quality Standard has set a high benchmark for Childcare Services across Australia. The revised National Quality Standard, which was introduced in February 2018, raises the bar even higher. 

Childcare Services across Australia are re-assessed and re-rated by the Regulatory Authorities every few years. 

The published data shows that there are currently approximately 1200 Services in Western Australia and almost 500 of these Services have been assessed and rated against the revised National Quality Standard since its introduction in February 2018. 

Of the almost 500 WA Services have been assessed and rated under the revised Standard, only 8 have achieved an overall Exceeding rating. 

Only a handful of the WA Services that were originally rated overall Exceeding have managed to achieve that rating again under the Revised Standard.

We are very pleased that the Dalkeith Early Learning Centre has been rated overall Exceeding again.

Particularly pleasing is the fact that we have achieved a ‘perfect’ score and exceeded every revised Standard across all 7 Quality Areas.

The Dalkeith Early Learning Centre is also proud to be the only childcare Service to have achieved an overall exceeding rating in Western Australia in the past 16 months.

“We’re delighted to have the high-quality care we provide recognised in this way.”

To learn more about the revised National Quality Standard, visit ACECQA’s website at www.acecqa.gov.au/nqf/national-quality-standard

To learn about the ratings of all WA childcare Services, visit the National Registers online. The Registers can be searched by Service name, suburb or postcode. Visit www.acecqa.gov.au/resources/national-registers for more information.

1 November 2019

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