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Dalkeith Early Learning Centre exceeds the revised National Standard.

Our Centre has been assessed and rated as Exceeding every Standard and Quality Area under the Revised National Quality Standard, introduced in February 2018.

Since 2012, the National Quality Standard has set a high benchmark for Childcare Services across Australia. The revised National Quality Standard, which was introduced in February 2018, raises the bar even higher.

Childcare Services across Australia are re-assessed and re-rated by the Regulatory Authorities every few years.

Of the almost 500 WA Services have been assessed and rated under the revised Standard since its introduction in February 2018, only 8 have achieved an overall Exceeding rating.

Only a handful of the WA Services that were originally rated overall Exceeding have managed to achieve that rating again under the Revised Standard.

We are very pleased to announce that the Dalkeith Early Learning Centre has been rated overall Exceeding under the revised National Quality Standard.

We are the only childcare Service in the Western Suburbs to have achieved this.

Particularly pleasing is the fact that we have achieved a ‘perfect’ score under the revised Standard and have been rated Exceeding for every Standard across all 7 Quality Areas.


When you visit us, you’ll find that we’re different from most child care centres. Why?

Well, we are a small group in a large, beautiful space.

Our boutique Centre has been thoughtfully designed and equipped to meet the needs of local families. We’re a small,  one-of-a-kind centre and not part of giant chain.

Our attention to detail and high level of personalised care are some of the reasons our centre has been rated as exceeding the new  Revised National Quality Standard.

Our Centre feels relaxed and welcoming. The rooms we have created have high ceilings, plenty of fresh air flow and lots of natural daylight.

We’re not located on a busy main road. The children in our centre are not exposed to traffic noise and pollution whenever they go outside.

We haven’t just put artificial grass onto a balcony or patio or paved area and called it a “garden” or “playground”. Children know the difference…. and so do we.

We have several large nature gardens, where real birds nest in real trees, where real flowers bloom and where real children explore and play.

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I have been particularly impressed with the focus the entire team gives to X’s individual personal, emotional and educational needs. I have had both my children in other centres before, and while those centres were very good, none of them demonstrated such attention to the individual and differentiated needs of each child.

X has thrived as a result and she is learning more and more every day. She often tells us at night about all the things she did at ‘school’ and about what she and her friends got up to at play time.

-Feedback from C.

I just wanted to send some positive feedback to all the wonderful staff at the Dalkeith Early Learning Centre for doing a fantastic job with our son.

He has integrated into and enjoys this daycare centre much more than the previous place he went to. Thanks again.

-Feedback from the father of a child with high support needs.

I appreciate their positive attitude, their patience & understanding.

I can see why the centre is oversubscribed & hope that the Dalkeith ELC team will be able to continue to expand & provide the awesome service that my son & I receive, to others in the community.

-Feedback from S.

The centre is always very clean and organised and the children always seem very comfortable and happy in their various spaces.  The meals provided are excellent and the care and devotion of the staff to the children is exceptional.

I like the communication books and the transparency of the centre; I feel very comfortable in knowing that I can always ask about what they might be doing each day.  The activities that the children experience are very valuable in that they are both educational as well as fun.

-Feedback from R.

The Dalkeith Early Learning Centre is of the highest quality compared to other centres in the surrounding suburbs….  The concept of ELC is important to me and I am very happy that X is learning different skills along with social aspects by attending this centre.

It is a very clean and safe environment, has a wide range of toys and books, and it is lovely that it has a great outdoor space with trees and grass.  Staff feedback on how X went each day is exactly the type of information flow that I like to know, and the pictures / photos and learning outcomes achieved each day are very informative.

I highly recommend the team at Dalkeith ELC as they are extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly…

I have recommended Dalkeith ELC to quite a number of other mothers that I know in the area, and all either have children at the centre or are on the waitlist to get in.

-Feedback from S.

Management’s personable and unpretentious manner is refreshing and a gift in this community.  Welcoming, supportive, clean and extremely well thought out.   I really like how all the information concerning the children is readily available.

I feel great support raising my child from the staff here.

-Feedback from S.

Our Toddlers enjoyed learning about these special succulent plants, shells and wood.