About Our Centre

We’re different

When you visit us, you’ll find that we’re different from most child care centres. Why?
Well, we are a small group in a large, beautiful space.
Our boutique Centre has been thoughtfully designed and equipped to meet the needs of local families. We’re a small one-of-a-kind centre and not part of giant national chain.
Our attention to detail and high level of personalised care are some of the reasons our centre has been rated as exceeding the new national quality standards.
Our Centre feels relaxed and welcoming. The rooms we have created have high ceilings, plenty of fresh air flow and lots of natural daylight.
We’re not located on a busy main road. The children in our centre are not exposed to traffic noise and pollution whenever they go outside.
We have several large nature gardens, where real birds nest in real trees, where real flowers bloom and where children explore and play.
We haven’t just put some fake grass onto a balcony or patio or paved area and called it a “garden” or “playground”. Children know the difference…. and so do we.
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Our Educational Program

Our Educational Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework promotes learning through play-based experiences and supports the children’s emotional, social, physical and academic development.
Our Educational Program is prepared and delivered by our team of university qualified teachers, who hold a Bachelor or Masters degrees in Early Childhood teaching. The program is ‘lead’ and inspired by the children’s interests, which means it stimulates their imaginations, promotes development and prepares them for school.
Our Early Childhood Teachers oversee and deliver our Educational program to all ages groups in our centre, from the babies group right through to the older children who are preparing to start school.
By providing a full kindy program, children are able to stay with us at our centre from birth until they start school (pre-primary) when they turn five.
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 Dalkeith Early Learning Centre uses the Translating and Interpreting Service.  For help, please telephone 131 450.

Dalkeith Early Learning Centre’s Client Code is: C961456