• Welcome to the Dalkeith Early Learning Centre

    An 'Exceeding' rated Childcare Centre & Kindergarten

    The only Childcare Centre in the Western Suburbs to have been awarded an "Exceeding" rating since the introduction of the revised National Quality Standards in February 2018.

  • We believe in learning through play in beautiful environments.

    • Flexible, Full Day Sessions

      We offer care from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, every week of the year.

    • Small Groups

      At our boutique Centre, the children are cared for in small groups.

    • Relationships

      We believe there is a connection between the quality of relationships in a child’s early years and a child’s future development.

    • Partnerships

      We believe the best outcomes for children are achieved when we work in partnership with families and our community.

    • Collaborative Learning

      We believe in extending each child’s strengths and interests.

  • Our University educated Early Childhood Teachers oversee and deliver our Educational program to all age groups - from the youngest babies right through to the older kindy children who are preparing to go to school.

  • Our Educational Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework promotes learning through play-based experiences and supports the children’s emotional, social, physical and academic development.

    Our Educational Program is prepared and delivered by our team of university qualified teachers, who hold a Bachelor or Masters degrees in Early Childhood teaching. The program is ‘lead’ and inspired by the children’s interests, which means it stimulates their imaginations, promotes development and prepares them for school.

    We provide a complete Kindy program on site, children are able to stay with us from birth until they go to school.

    • Children Each Day

      With only 42 children in our Centre each day, each group is small and intimate.
      Babies & children thrive in calm, familiar environments.

    • Learning Hours each week

      We’re open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

    • +
      Years Experience

      We’ve provided Childcare Services from this site for more than 20 years.

    • +
      Meals Per Week

      We provide all meals, snacks and fruit. We even bake and decorate Birthday cakes!

    • Pre-Kindy & Kindy

      We have a full Pre-Kindy & Kindy program on site, so the children can stay with us until they start school.

    • Nursery

      We welcome newborns and young babies.

    • High Quality Rating

      We are the only Kindy & Childcare Service in the Western Suburbs to have achieved an overall rating of ‘Exceeding’ under the NEW Revised National Quality Standard.
      (See below for more details.)

    • Year-Round Care

      Unlike many Kindy & Childcare Services, we are open every week of the year.
      (We are only closed on weekends & Public Holidays.)

  • We care for babies and children aged 0 to 6.

    Our boutique Service has three dedicated groups.
    • 0 months to around 20 months
      Babies' Group
      • approx 10 babies each day
        Group size
    • Around 20 months to 32 months
      Toddlers' Group
      • approx 15 toddlers each day
        Group size
    • 3 years+
      Kindy Group
      • approx 15 children each day
        Group size
  • We are the only Childcare & Kindy Service in the Western Suburbs to have been rated 'Exceeding' under the revised National Quality Standard.

    Childcare Services are re-assessed and re-rated by the Regulatory Authorities every few years.

    The revised National Quality Standard came into force in February 2018, and sets the new benchmark for quality.

    Since the NEW revised Standard was introduced (three years ago –  in February 2018), more than 650 Childcare & Kindy Services across Western Australia have been assessed. 

    Only a handful of those Services (less than 10%)  have achieved an overall Exceeding rating.

    The vast majority of WA Kindy & Childcare Services that were rated overall Exceeding under the old Standard (ie Services that were rated before February 2018) have not managed to achieve that rating again when assessed against the NEW Revised Standard.

    We are very proud that the Dalkeith Early Learning Centre, once again, achieved an overall Exceeding rating and is the only Childcare & Kindy Service in the Western Suburbs to have achieved an overall Exceeding rating under the New revised Standard. 

    Particularly pleasing is the fact that we achieved a ‘perfect’ score and have been rated ‘Exceeding’ in every single Standard across all Quality Areas.

    (To learn more about WA childcare Service ratings, visit ACECQA’s website at www.acecqa.gov.au)

    (Data last updated in January 2021)

    • Boutique Centre 
    • Small groups
    • On-site Kindy Program led by qualified Teachers
    • Beautiful indoor spaces
    • Large 'real' gardens
    • The only Kindy Program in the Western Suburbs to be rated 'Exceeding' since the revised Standard was introduced in February 2018
    • The only Childcare Service in the Western Suburbs to be rated 'Exceeding' since the revised Standard was introduced in February 2018
    • Kindy Program & Childcare Service rated 'Exceeding' in every Standard and every Quality Area
    • Play Based Learning

      We believe in learning through play. Our Programs support the children’s emotional, social, physical and academic development.

    • Healthy Meals

      Our qualified Cooks make all meals fresh each day. We cater for all dietary requirements.

    • Beautiful Spaces

      Our boutique Centre has been thoughtfully designed and equipped to meet the expectations of local families.

    • Real Gardens

      We have large real gardens, where children can really play.

    • “I have had both my children in other centres before, and while those centres were very good, none of them demonstrated such attention to the individual and differentiated needs of each child. X has thrived as a result and she is learning more and more every day.”

      -Feedback from C.
    • “The centre is always very clean and organised and the children always seem very comfortable and happy in their various spaces. The meals provided are excellent and the care and devotion of the staff to the children is exceptional.”

      -Feedback from R.
    • “It is a very clean and safe environment, has a wide range of toys and books, and it is lovely that it has a great outdoor space with trees and grass.
      I highly recommend the team at Dalkeith ELC as they are extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly…”

      -Feedback from S.
    • “Welcoming, supportive, clean and extremely well thought out.
      I feel great support raising my child from the staff here.”

      -Feedback from S.
  • Contact Us

    • Address

      Dalkeith Early Learning Centre
      58 Dalkeith Road
      Nedlands WA 6009

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: (08) 9386 9930
      Email: admin@dalkeithelc.com.au

    • Hours

      Monday – Friday every day of the year
      7.00 am – 6.00 pm
      (Weekends & Public Holidays closed)